Max “wheels” Scherzer scores from first in the 14th inning

For reasons that are still difficult to comprehend, Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Sherzer made a plate appearance in the 14th inning of their game against the Braves on Saturday.

The 33-year old took the second pitch of the at bat and ground it up the middle just past the reach of the short stop. Then, the magic happened.

William Difo’s triple to deep center would have made it easy for any major leaguer to score from first, but it’s even better that it was a starting pitcher whom was pitch hitting.

The decision by manager Dave Martinez to pinch hint with Scherzer paid off, but it seems like an odd one; especially since he is currently hitting .310/.333/.345 with a surprising, but still below average, wRC+ of 86. Scherzer may get on base, but he doesn’t walk and strikes out a decent amount of the time he’s up there…so this was a case of bad process leading to a good result for Washington.

But that doesn’t make it any less amusing, unless your a Braves fan. Then this sucks.