The Yankees are preparing for a dumb feud with ESPN

Unfortunately for the New York Yankees their season has been filled with a surprising number of rain outs this year, part of a league wide problem. Which means that they’re going to be playing a ton of make-up games and double headers down the stretch.

One of those make-up double headers will be on June 9th against the Baltimore Orioles. The first game of that double header will be played around 12 hours after the conclusion of a Sunday night baseball game against the Blue Jays in Toronto. After the second game finishes, that means New York will have played three games in less than 24 hours. Which has their manager understandably upset.

“Hopefully it’s still happening behind the scenes and there’s pressure being applied because that’s just not good for the product on the field, for the safety of our guys to be having to go night game then fly into a doubleheader,” a steamed Yankee manager Aaron Boone said Sunday. “That’s ridiculous and anyone that would argue with that is not being truthful.”

The Yankees players insist they wouldn’t have agreed to add a game on July 9th if they knew they were going to be paying the Sunday night game on the 8th. And they most likely had know idea they were going to be playing on Sunday night as every copy of their schedule said the game against Toronto was a 1 PM start.

So how are the Yankees going to get back at ESPN for flexing their Sunday game into the prime time slot?

By not participating in any interviews before, during, and after the Sunday night game. The most troubling part for commissioner Rob Manfred and ESPN should be that they’ll be doing it with the blessings of the front office.

If the Yankees are forced to play Sunday night on July 8, the Yankee management and players are said to be prepared for an all-out war with ESPN in which they will refuse all interviews — pre-game, in-game and postgame — with ESPN broadcasters.

This is some dumb scheduling on ESPN’s part as they should have known better than to flex a team that has already agreed to a double-header the day after…and then lie about it by saying this was always going to be he Sunday Night game for the 8th.

It’s also dumb that the Yankees are going to punish a broadcasting crew that had nothing to do with the decision, and the fans that are going to tune into the game. But there are consequences for being so thoughtless, and ESPN might just find out what those are.

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