The BS Show: First Place Best Place

For the first time in our 35 week history, the Mariners are alone in first place in the AL West! Even though they lost a tough one against the Astros tonight, we’re both pumped as all h*ck to be talking about a first-place team this late into the season.

We start off by talking about some of the changes Felix Hernandez has made and if they’ll help him sustain better results going forward. He’s pitched like this in two starts this year, and they’re his two best starts, so keep it up, King Felix! Don’t throw that sinker, now!

The M’s flat-out dominated the Astros in game one of their two game series, and since game two happened after recording, we were only able to talk about the good game. It looks like the M’s are proving they can handle the big boys, and we talk a bit about their upcoming opponents. How good do they need to do to hang around in the division race?

We spend some time discussing other fanbases, and how we feel about the Yankees, Red Sox, and more as we get older.

For all you run differential doom-and-gloomers, we spend some time talking about Control the Zone, a statistic that should make you feel better about how the M’s are playing right now. It’s one of Dipoto’s favorites, and correlates well with overall team success. If you get that far, you’ll be able to learn what it is and what it means! Thanks to Darren “Goose” Gossler for keeping track of this stat over the past few years.

The Mariners also drafted some players! We don’t know much about the draft, but we give it the old college try trying to evaluate it anyway! More than anything, we share our philosophies on how we would draft, and it’s probably a good thing neither of us have the opportunity to do so.

We leave you with what we’re up to this weekend, which will be fun probably, so you know, stick around and listen to that, too. All that and more on this excellent edition of The BS Show with Brett and Shane!