This is a beautiful knuckleball

With all of the chatter about the Astros’ increased spin rate, the knuckleball has become a lost art. Fortunately for us, we have Boston Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright to remind us how glorious the knuckleball is.

Just take a moment to admire the movement the ball makes while there’s hardly any spin on it. It’s just absolutely marvelous.

That pitch was one of the ones tossed during his 6.2 innings of scoreless work on Monday night. The 33-year old scattered four hits while striking out five and walking three.

Wright has tossed 1.24/3.45/4.40┬áin 23 innings for the Red Sox while striking out 22.7% of batter’s he’s faced. The veteran pitcher has done so well as he’s primarily used his knuckleball throughout the season to absolutely baffle hitters. It’s a joy to watch and I, personally, hope his success continues so we can see more beautiful knuckle balls like the one above.