The BS Show: They’re called the Angels because they’re dead

Throw some dirt on ’em, everyone.

Did this three game series feel backwards to anyone else? Unlike previous seasons, when the Mariners would either never how up, or take early leads only to watch Mike Trout and the Angels slowly, annoyingly, chip away and steal games, well, the Mariners did that this time.

The Angels entered this three game set against your heroic Mariners 4.5 games back in the standings, and a series win or sweep could bring the Mariners back to Earth and keep the Angels firmly in the thick of things.

That…did not happen.

The Mariners won all three games and buried the Angels. Like, Goldberg beating Kevin Owens in two minutes or the Universal Championship buried. Just brutal, heartbreaking burial.

Obviously, baseball is weird and anything can happen, but now the Angels would have to play eight games better than the Mariners for the rest of the season to catch them, a tall task for any team.

We discuss how Mike Trout is the best player in the world, and how his prime years are being wasted on a terrible team. He is so much more fun to watch when he does well and his team still loses, which thus far has been the story of his amazing career.

On the Mariners side of things, lots of guys had a good series, but no one performed more exceptionally than Mitch Haniger, who blasted three home runs, including a walk-off in the series finale. Oh, and he made two incredible outfield assists, too. No biggie.

The Mariners now have held at least a share of first place for two weeks, and enter a stretch of ten games against Boston, New York, and Boston again. We discuss what an acceptable record over that stretch would be.

Also! There’s Seahawks news. Earl Thomas is going to hold out. One of us thinks he’s played his last game in Seattle. One of us does not. Listen to find out who thinks what!

But most of all, keep enjoying your first-place baseball team, the 44-24 Seattle Mariners! If you don’t, well, I’m sure you’re a blast at parties.