The BS Show: Keep your arms and legs inside the bandwagon at all times

Tough walk-off loss today, but luckily for the mood of the podcast, that hadn’t happened before we recorded! The Mariners went 2-3 between recordings, but since games were against Boston and New York, we’re in relatively optimistic moods.

We spend most of this episode talking about which Mariners deserve to the all-star game, and believe it or not, we actually disagree on…one player on each host’s list!

We also discuss what we’d find acceptable record-wise from these two series before getting a bit of a break with Baltimore and Kansas City.

What exactly is a Felix Hernandez these days? We hope to answer that question for you, but we’re still not sure. Heck, even after watching the game that came after this recording, I’m not sure. The thing is, though, it seems at least like he’s very slightly raising expectation levels going into each game, so I think we’re both creeping into the category of not expecting a complete disaster each outing.

We also consider trades! The obvious place to upgrade would be the rotation, but who would you push out? Could the Mariners use a six-man rotation? Or will injury and/or poor performance answer that question for the Mariners? We look at a couple of names that have been connected to the M’s in Miami’s Dan Straily and Toronto’s J.A. Happ.

Another area the M’s probably want to address if they want to be able to keep all their starters fresh is their utility spot. Right now, Andrew Romine is basically punting a lineup spot any night he starts, and as we get to the dog days of summer, it would be nice to either have an exceptional glove or competent bat when Seager, Segura, Gordon, or Healy need a day off. Romine is neither of those things, and especially not a competent bat. The market for utility infielders isn’t scorching, but we have a few ideas.

We wrap up by debating what order we’d put the Mariners pitchers in if they make it to a playoff series. It’s sad to leave one name completely off the list.

All of that and very little else in this episode of the BS Show! Put it in your earholes and enjoy it!

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