The BS Show: Bad teams suck, which is #good for the Mariners

We’re back with another bitchin’ new intro provided by friend of the show Adam Fisher! Hope you liked that. We’ve got four more for ya in the coming weeks.

So, the Boston and New York stretch could’ve gone better–but don’t worry! We’re here to rationalize why it wasn’t all that bad for you.

Definitely not bad, though, is beating up on crappy teams. At the time of recording, the Mariners had won the first two games of the road series in Baltimore, and those of you listening now know that they won the third, and are going for the sweep tomorrow. Playing bad teams sure is a lot more fun than playing ridiculously ludicrously good ones, isn’t it?

Felix has been encouraging lately, being good in three of his last five starts, ok in one, and bad in the other. Are the gains he’s making sustainable? And if so, is three good, one ok, and one bad start in every five ok with you as a fan? We take a look at the changes in his pitch usage over this span, and the renewed effectiveness of his splitter.

Ryon Healy…man…why can’t the Mariners just have a first baseman that’s better than somewhere between -0.5 and +0.5 WAR? He clubbed a homer today to get himself to exactly replacement level. He seems like he’s talented enough to be so much better, but he just can’t find consistency or stop himself from swinging at bad pitches. Can he reach his potential, or should the M’s start looking for upgrades?

We also discuss what we’d be willing to trade Kyle Lewis for, but the tough thing is figuring out what his value even is after all his injuries and non-elite performances. How does the rest of the league view him?

Also, haha, the Angels are behind the A’s in the standings now. It sure is fun to watch them waste the prime of perhaps the best player of all-time!

What’s your expected win total for the M’s before the all-star break? We give ours, and we want to hear from you–tweet us at @BrettAndShaneBS or comment on our Facebook page! We want you guys to argue with us, so do it, damn it!