Arthur Watches the World Cup #2: No Germany, No SKOL, No I-Phone 6

Apologies for taking too long to update, but I had to get Apple Technical Support to crack open my I-Phone so I can recover my notes from the previous matches.  I have a new phone now, but the latest match I will be covering will be the Germany/Sweden one (and yes I know the defending champs are eliminated).


I didn’t see Putin during this match, but I did get to see another Russian slaughter.  I finished up a spreadsheet and later caught the tail end of this contest to reward myself.  This cute Asian girl named Nhi comes over and I explain to her how group play and the World Cup tournament work.  Maybe later on I could ask her for a drink at a nearby pub (wink, wink).  However, getting drunk at 7 AM is a sign you have an alcohol problem so no dice there (and office romance is highly discouraged.

I meet with Guy a colleague from England and he talks a bit about his national team’s 2-1 victory over Tunisia.  It’s not as good of a result as he’d like but he’ll take it.  I guess this is supposed to be the national team us Americans root for since we did used to be their colony and might be one of our closest allies (for now at least).


Was really hoping that SKOL would be able to advance a little further but I guess this is a dream for another day.  This group is full of surprises.  I’m late to a meeting but I’m able to catch the tail end of this one.  Argentina lost to Croatia earlier and this is just as shocking.  It turns out to be all good in the end as Argentina finally does advance thanks to a win over Nigeria the next week.  If Argentina and Portugal both advance tomorrow we may see a Messi V. Ronaldo World Cup match.  I’d love to see that.


This was about the time my phone died because for some reason it wouldn’t power on.  Thanks a lot Apple.  Sweden was holding a 1-0 halftime lead.  I’m a late riser on the weekends so I dragged myself out of bed for this one.  Germany scored a goal later, but it looked like Sweden was going to take a win after Germany was down to 10 men.  Jerome Boateng was the culprit with two yellows.  Germany did score a sick free kick goal in stoppage time to get the win and three points.

It didn’t matter in the end though since Germany did lose to South Korea and Sweden did win the group.  Funny how Germany has never lost in the group stage.  Guess there’s a first time for everything.

Also in case you haven’t noticed, every third entry some sort of technical problem hits me and makes it difficult for me to either watch the World Cup or collect data for it.  Last time it was the parentals forgetting to tell me they don’t have cable, this time it was my phone crapping out on me.  Oh well.

Knockout round tomorrow.  I have France and Portugal winning.  I think it’ll be a Portugal/Belgium Final.

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