The BS Show: The M’s are still good, and that’s too many hot dogs

Despite a bummer of a loss on recording day, the Mariners have won six games since we last recorded, and are 23 games over .500! That’s pretty dang good, you guys. The Mariners just need to go 5-5 on their way to thee break to fulfill Brett’s prophecy of 60 wins at the all-star break, which still seems doable.

Turn Ahead the Clock Night happened last Saturday, and boy was it ever a hoot. Nelson Cruz, Ben Gamel, and Denard Span showed off their guns, Dee Gordon looked fresh AF, and the Mariners won! Brett went to the game and got a hat and Segura jersey, while Shane picked up a hat and Griffey jersey the next day. We will gladly accept donations to refill our now-empty wallets.

Felix looked…fine? Outside of a three-run first inning, he settled in and ended up going five innings. He’s gotten to the point where the expectation should be below-average pitching, not a total disaster, sooooo….progress! Hopefully he can keep it up or even get better.

James Paxton was more than fine, though, striking out 11 over eight innings against statistically the hardest team in the league to strike out. He’s now gotten his FIP below 3, and his WAR up to exactly 3, and should find his way to all-star game in Washington.

Edwin Diaz won reliever of the month! That’s twice in three months, and we compare his season to the gold standard season for Mariners relievers, J.J. Putz’s 2006. J.J.’s season may not be the gold standard by the end of 2018.


We also talk a little bit about Kam Chancellor, who has decided to call it a career (without officially retiring) because last season’s neck injury just isn’t healing. We discuss a few of our favorite moments, and wish him well.

Finally, we talk about our weekends, which is what you all tune in for. They should be fun. Happy holiday, by the way!