Arthur Watches the World Cup #3: An almost all EU Semifinal

If it wasn’t for Brexit we would currently have a semifinal entirely composed of European Union teams for this World Cup.  Still it feels great to have teams that aren’t your natural favorites make it this far.  Out of this group of four our last champion was France in 1998.

Anyways on to our recap:

Uruguay 2 – 1 Portugal

I get up and catch the first part of the game where Portugal is down early 1-0.  I eat my breakfast, shower, and turn on the TV later only to unfortunately see that it is now 2-1 Uruguay.  Portugal is unable to score an equalizer, and Ronaldo gets this bullshit yellow card that makes him unable to compete in this next match (not that they’d advance anyways).

Uruguay would thankfully get knocked out by France in the Quarterfinals though.  Since Portugal was out I started cheering for Mexico, but they got knocked out by Brazil so now I need to cheer for England because technically us Americans did belong to them at some point.

This would also start a frustrated week where I’d get upset about LeBron joining the Lakers, Golden State signing DeMarcus Cousins, and a whole ton of other stupid stuff that made my blood pressure go up.  I’m better now though 🙂

Croatia 1 – 1 Denmark

This was known as the nap game.  I slept through a majority of this, but I was able to wake up just in time to see Croatia attempt a penalty with the score tied 1-1.  It sadly missed, and the game went to penalty kicks.  Great goalkeeping on both sides during penalties, but I thought the Denmark goalkeeper looked like kind of a douche so I was glad Croatia was able to advance 4-3 on penalties.

They’d also knock Russia out in the Quarters which would make this World Cup that much better…

Belgium 3 – 2 Japan

I took a break from work and am able to catch this when Belgium just tied the score at 2-2 with Japan.  Japan looked pretty good throughout, but unfortunately Belgium was able to score in stoppage time to advance and play Brazil.  I think this team is going to win the entire tournament.  I predicted a big upset against Brazil and my faith was totally rewarded in this chocolate loving team.

Belgium plays France next.  I’m predicting they play England in the Final.

Colombia 1 – 1 England

This was an intense game.  A lot of people in my office are from England so we were watching this very intently.  I was recording office keyboard shortcuts in Excel while I was watching this, so I was getting a little work done too.  It’s difficult though because I had to switch between watching the game and doing work and you can’t get too invested in either one otherwise you will make a mistake.

Anyways my boss comes in and she is ecstatic that England won 4-3 on penalties.  They’d also later beat Sweden in the Quarters as well.  Something tells me that this team made a smart move losing to Belgium on purpose.  After all they do play Croatia next and that looks like an easy win.

Thanks for reading, until next time.