Arthur Watches the World Cup #4: Belgium should’ve won but France did well too

I will get more into that title later.  Now it’s time to go into our first semifinal game between France and Belgium.

I think Belgium was by far the best team during the entire World Cup.  After winning their group they beat Japan as well as cup favorite Brazil to advance to the Semifinals.  At the time I was watching this, I went into my English colleague Guy’s office and he shows me France has just scored to make it 1-0.  I for once decide to bring my Excel with me and not leave it at my desk, and sprint towards the lobby.
There are a lot of fouls that aren’t being called on Belgium, and several tackles should easily be free and penalty kicks in their favor.  I don’t know how the refs keep missing this but I guess World Cup refs are even blinder than NFL and god forbid NBA ones (and if you’re worse than NBA refs you should not have a job in officiating period).  I decide to cheer for the England/Croatia winner because this definitely didn’t feel like a fair match.
On to the next one!
Before a meeting I catch some of the game, then afterwards I go into the lobby and see it’s tied 1-1.  I decide to use the bathroom and then I return only to hear loud gasps as I see Croatia just scored to make it 2-1.  Darn and I  missed it too.  I’ll definitely be cheering for Croatia in the Final because they haven’t won a title yet.
So before anyone comments, yes I know France won their second World Cup 4-2, and that Belgium won the 3rd Place game 2-0 against England.  A lot of the sportscasters are stating how Belgium felt like the best team during that World Cup and feel that they should be champions.  I think they got robbed in the Semifinal, but that’s just me.  Hope everyone is having a good day.
Until next time 🙂

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