The BS Show: The Gordon & Cano quandary and the first base conundrum

Let’s just get this out of the way now: Jean Segura deserved the All-Star Game MVP.

Now that that’s out of the way, we get into a few problems facing the struggling Mariners. Dee Gordon has been bad since mid-May, and Ryon Healy has been bad for most of the year. Those things weren’t as noticeable when the Mariners were continuing to do a lot of winning, but now that they’re not winning as much, it’s a good time to take a look at what options the Mariners have at those positions, and in ideal lineup construction.

First, Robinson Cano will be back soon. He’s likely to solve one of those problems, since the two positions he’s likely to play are first and second base. But where should he get the bulk of his playing time in 2018? And what about 2019? Don’t worry, folks, we’ve got the answer for you.

Second, Daniel Vogelbach is totally raking in Tacoma to the tune of a 161 wRC+, while Ryon Healy just chased a pitch that was thrown in the AquaSox game that we went to this morning. He’s a good clubhouse influence, and is clearly talented, but his slump is killing rallies, and his defense has been no better than adequate. Is it time to give Daniel Vogelbach another extended look at the position? Could Healy benefit from a trip to Tacoma where he can work on his discipline without the pressure of winning? I’ll spoil it: yup. But if you wanna know why, you’ve gotta give us a listen!

We also take a look at leaders and trailers for the Mariners in O-Swing%, and explain just what the heck that is.

Some Seahawk stuff happened regarding Earl Thomas, and our opinions have changed on what we think of his future, or lack of it, in Seattle. What we want, however, has not: pay the dang man.

All that and very little else on this very special episode of the BS Show!