Bonus BS Show Episode: Brent hates the Mariners

Brent dropped in to record another WSU Podcast at Brett’s house, but while he was over, we were talking so much about the Mariners that we decided to turn the microphones on. Brent is not as optimistic as Shane and Brett regarding the roster or the GM, but some disagreement might be welcome to some of you more pessimistic listeners out there.

We argue about how Dipoto is building the roster, what the future of Felix Hernandez is, if the bullpen is actually any good, and if Edwin Diaz can pass J.J. Putz’s 2006 as the best sabermetric season for a Mariners reliever in franchise history.

Also, near the end of the episode, the Zach Duke trade happened, so we spend a few minutes on that one as well. No Warren, though–that broke after we turned the microphones off. Still, you’re eager for more M’s content, and we’ve got it for you. Celebrate tonight’s 2-0 shutout win over Houston with some bonus BS!