The BS Show: Robinson Cano comes back in two weeks!

Robinson Cano comes back in two weeks, and boy do the M’s ever need him. Where’s he going to play? Scott Servais has said it will be “fun” to find where he fits, which isn’t the word we’d use, but we do try to figure out where he’ll play most. There’s one really obvious place where the Mariners have gotten really bad play all year, of course…

The Mariners also made some trades, and we take some time to tell you, our loyal 15-25 weekly listeners, what they mean. We pretty much like all the moves, and are especially fond of the Cameron Maybin addition. We share a favorite reliever of the three picked up since the last episode was recorded, and if you wanna know who that is, I guess you’ll just have to listen, now won’t ya?

Felix Hernandez is probably pitching for his spot in the rotation tomorrow, and we spend a lot of time talking about what he’s become, why it’s not entirely accurate to just look at his decent numbers over the last two months, and why he seems so averse to buying into the way Dipoto and his staff want to do things. Is there hope for Felix in 2018? Or beyond?

James Paxton pitched a h*ckin’ good game the other night in his return from the DL, notching 8 Ks against no walks over seven frames against a good Astros team in under 90 pitches. But perhaps even better than that was his glorious mustache. We talk both about his excellent performance and his bitchin’ mustache.

How would you re-order the Mariners lineup once Robinson Cano comes back? We’ll tell you what we’d do. Hopefully Scott Servais is listening, if he wants to be able to field his optimal lineup.

The Seahawks signed J.R. Sweezy, and we go over a bit of injury news for a couple minutes. There’s not much though, Seahawks fans. Sorry, regular season baseball is more important.

We wrap up the show talking a bit about College Football, and our predictions for our respective teams. Shane predict’s UW’s record, but Brett is saving his WSU record prediction for Friday’s Bonus BS with Brent Schwartz. So watch for that too, ya hear?!

Finally, we wrap up discussing our weekend and how much we want Oakland to go away. So, ya know, go away.