The BS Show: What Servais would you say you provide here?

Shane is back from his trip! He talks about how fun it was, and how the Mariners went 0-4 in games he attended. So, you can blame Shane for the Mariners’ season falling apart.

We actually disagree on something–strongly, even–in this episode: whether or not Scott Servais is fit to continue managing the Mariners. That’s the meat and potatoes of this episode, with Brett arguing that it’s time to move on, and that he’s lost the locker room, while Shane explains why Brett’s overreacting, and Servais is just fine. Decide for yourself after you hear us yell at each other!

We then discuss how the Mariners’ postseason hopes are pretty much toast, but hey, at least Edwin Diaz has been incredibly fun to watch, and James Paxton is going to make ~30 starts, so we can pretty much say he pitched a full MLB season! That’s exciting.

We’ve ignored the elephant in the room this long, but the big news is that Earl Thomas is back, baby! He reported to Seahawks camp today, and might even start in week one against the Broncos. We talk about how adding him to the team changes the trajectory of the Seahawks season, and why anyone still wanting to trade him is freaking crazy.

Our college teams both played last week, and play again this week! We offer analysis of what Brett saw since Shane didn’t see any of either game, and look ahead to this Saturday, giving score predictions for each game. Should be a couple of bloodbaths in favor of the local squads this weekend, in our estimation.

Finally, we give our Swelmets of the week, and discuss our upcoming plans. We lead boring lives, but you knew that. Listen to find out just how boring, you might not regret it!