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WSU Football recap: E-Z Eastern, and hoping for the fall of Troy

Welcome back, all six dedicated listeners! I’m happy to say that I was wrong, and Brent was right last week, as WSU cruised to an easy 59-24 victory over Eastern Washington on Saturday night at Martin Stadium. I even won a bottle of whiskey thanks to the Cougs’ efforts! Thanks, co-worker that went to Eastern Washington!

We begin the show by breaking down how the Cougs were able to take apart Eastern seemingly with ease. Pac-12 offensive player of the week, Gardner Minshew, looks not just like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, but like the real deal at the quarterback position. We talk about his decisiveness, poise in the pocket, mobility, and trust with the platoon of receivers available to him. Fun fact: WSU had more players with a reception on Saturday night than UW and Utah had combined in their game.

We discuss the development of the air raid and the role of the running backs, especially around the goal line. Also, what’s the deal with Eastern Washington taking so many cheap shots on Cougar players after the whistle? Sore losers gonna sore…lose, I guess. We also got a decent look at a backup QB, and Brent explains why he prefers Tinsley to Gordon.

In what we learned, we discovered that WSU can contain pretty decent offenses, and move the ball well against at least mediocre defenses. Getting through conference play at 3-0 gives WSU a chance to achieve their goals, and they’ve shown that they’re not a team that can be looked at as an “easy win” on the schedule for opposing fan bases.

Next, we go around the Pac-12 in what was a wild weekend for the conference. Arizona State found themselves ranked when they entered the week, and that led to a loss against San Diego State. Arizona won big–would the real Khalil Tate please stand up? The Ducks struggled against San Jose State, which changes just a little bit how WSU’s victory the previous week looked. USC looked bad again–are they vulnerable enough to lose this weekend? Also, the Huskies won. Boo.

We dive deeper into USC in the final segment, wondering why they’ve been as terrible as they’ve been so far, and if they’re vulnerable, or if they’re going to be motivated with their season on the line. There are lots of problems for the Trojans down in LA, but their athletes are worlds better than any that WSU has seen so far. Not surprisingly, we disagree on the winner of this game, but we both agree that there’s a clear path to victory at the Coliseum in Los Angeles this Friday night.

Before letting you guys go do something productive, we take a quick moment to wonder what the deal is with the polls–while WSU probably shouldn’t be ranked, it seems like they’ve improved each week, and yet lost ground in the AP Top 25. We spend just a few minutes on that before wrapping up with a customary and necessary go Cougs!