The BS Show: So college football is basically the only good thing

Shane is back from Chicago, and boy did he ever do a vacation. He starts the show by talking about his celebrity encounters, delicious dishes consumed, and his continuing losing streak as a sports fan attending a live game.

One of those live games was the Seahawks’ 24-17 loss to Chicago on Monday Night Football, and boy are we ever heated about some of the things that happened in that game. We don’t buy Pete Carroll’s excuses for sitting Chris Carson, and we don’t like the offensive game plan, or how the team is handling the prime of Russell Wilson’s career. Sorry we don’t disagree more, but we are angry, which makes for good radio, right?

College football also happened as scheduled over the weekend, with UW picking up a 21-7 victory over Utah, and WSU shellacking Eastern Washington for a 59-24 win. We disagree on the quality of UW’s win, and briefly look ahead to their game and WSU’s game this weekend.

The Mariners are still playing and aren’t technically eliminated from a playoff spot yet, which is a cool thing. Daniel Vogelbach hit the team’s third-ever pinch-hit grand slam, and we wax poetic about our large adult son. Since the Mariners won big today, we also talk about some other things they did. Shane also hits Brett with some baseball trivia, and he actually answered at least one of them correctly! Things are looking up for Mr. Miller.

Finally, we wrap up with our swelmet winners of the week, and Shane accidentally makes up a really stupid sounding phrase that Brett doesn’t let him off the hook for. Give this a listen so you can laugh at Shane, too.