The BS Show: Superstars play by different rules, and that’s fine

It was a strange week in Seattle sports–the Mariners enter this recording with 86 wins which has delivered them elimination from the playoffs, WSU looked better than USC and still lost, and UW took care of business against Arizona. Oh, yeah, Earl Thomas also raised a big stink in the media and just went out and got two key interceptions in the Seahawks’ first win of the season. No big deal.

Earl is the key topic of this week’s show, as we argue whether or not it’s ok to allow superstar players to be treated differently, and if Earl is being a diva, disrespectful, disruptive, or any other negative word you can think of, whether it also starts with a “d” or perhaps one of the other wonderful and qualified 25 letters of the alphabet. Brett rants some about how fans that hate players who desire millions while owners are making billions are missing the point, and the concept of the marketplace for talent in sports in the midst of all this.

We take a look around the NFL and try a new segment called the Weekly Underreaction. It needs work, but we’re trying, so don’t hate us too much.

You probably want to know how we think the Seahawks’ game against the Arizona Cardinals will go this Sunday. Well, that’s just too bad, we’re not just going to do whatever you want, we’re not your pupp–what’s that? Oh, I’m getting word now that we did spend some time breaking down that game. Sorry to get so hostile.

We take some time to recap UW and WSU’s games from the weekend, and look ahead to tough challenges, at least on paper, for both teams. We boringly take the same winners, but the final scores are different! So enjoy that dose of disagreement.

Finally, we spend a few minutes on the Mariners. We’re planning to Eulogize their season next week, then Brett will come home from Europe with a full-fledged offseason plan. Until then, you’ll have to deal with some sad thoughts, and Shane trying to school Brett in baseball trivia once again.

If you’ve read this far and don’t want to listen, then I don’t know what to say other than…well…guess you just have bad taste!