NCAA Football

Bonus BS: What even is a “Ute?”; it’s Beaver bashing time

It was a thrilling win for WSU on Saturday, as the Cougs defeated the Utah Utes 28-24 despite about 150 dropped passes and a defensive line that looked completely overmatched. Brent was at Martin Stadium for the win, and starts the show off by talking about what it looked like from inside the stadium, and what it sounded like when Easop Winston made the play of his life, rumbling 89 yards for what proved to be the game-winning touchdown.

Despite the elation of a victory, there were some questions raised by WSU’s performance. Chief among them being the disappearance of the defensive line over the last two games as the Cougs have entered conference play. Right now, they require too much help from the linebackers to get pressure or contain the run, which could prove problematic against tougher teams on the schedule.

Gardner Minshew had an impressive stat line, but Brent argues that it wasn’t nearly as impressive in person. Brett and Brent try to find the middle between what was seen on TV, and what could be seen at the stadium, to accurately assess Uncle Rico’s performance.

Drops. Drops. Drops. DROPS. DROPS. DROPS. DRRRROOOOOPPPPPS. What’s the deal with all the gosh-danged drops from WSU receivers in this game? We try to get to the bottom of it.

In what we learned, we discuss the slightly encouraging showing from the DBs after a tough outing last week against USC. Can they hang with your average Pac-12 receiver group? Well, we have an opinion about that, and you should listen to it!

Also, after being excellent at generating turnovers on defense early in the season, WSU has now gone two weeks without one. What’s slowed them down, and how badly do they need turnovers to continue to be successful?

We go briefly around the Pac-12 and look at what Stanford getting crushed by Notre Dame means for the conference, while unfortunately crowning a new “class of the conference,” in UW following their blowout win over a good BYU team. Elsewhere, Oregon convincingly beat down Cal, UCLA got thrashed by Colorado, USC held on against Arizona, and Oregon State looks just completely awful.

So, Oregon State! That last note certainly should inspire confidence among Cougar fans. Their offense is bad, their defense is bad, and WSU seems superior in pretty much every facet of the game. Seems like a perfect trap game spot–what would that look like, and what does WSU need to do to avoid that? We’ve got answers, don’t you worry.

We also discuss why the calls for a more balanced approach on offense after Saturday’s zero rushing yard performance are bupkis, and you shouldn’t believe anyone that tells you WSU should pass the ball less.

We wrap up with score predictions. I’ll spoil it just a little for you: we don’t think there will be a let down. Go Cougs!