The BS Show: An anniversary and a eulogy

Hey there, welcome! So glad you could make it to our anniversary party! Oh…yeah, no, it’s fine…we didn’t expect you to bring anything. Yeah, the food’s on the table next to the other table with all the gifts. No no, don’t feel bad! We didn’t ask for anything, so it’s fine, really.

Anyway, welcome to the BS Show with Brett and Shane’s 52nd episode! If my math is correct, doing an episode a week for 52 weeks means we’ve been doing this for a year! So, happy one year, podcast babe. <3

Oh, you were expecting sports? Yeah, don’t worry, we talk plenty about them. We’ll get you started by offering our opinions on Earl Thomas and the pretty terrible win for the Seahawks against the Cardinals on Sunday. The focus is mostly on Thomas, as we reminisce about our favorite memories of #29, but we also spend some time on the Cardinals game. We spend less time on the Rams game. That one is probably going to suck if you are a Seahawks fan.

Next, we dive into college football. UW gave BYU a spanking, and while we don’t endorse that kind of discipline, it certainly had its intended effect. UW cruised to a four touchdown victory, and takes on an atrocious looking UCLA team. We take some time to go over Chip Kelly’s awful last couple of years, and speculate as to how long of a leash he’ll have, even if he is a first year coach.

Out on the other side of the state in the Palouse, the Cougs had a thrilling 28-24 win over Utah, with Easop Winston hauling in the game winning score on an 89-yard catch and run that left Utah’s safety’s jockstrap in the middle of Martin Stadium. They face Oregon State this week, and we’re both fairly confident about their chances.

Anniversaries never seem to go as smoothly as one would hope, and this one is no exception, as we take the time to eulogize the 2018 Mariners. We look at what went right, what went wrong, and we rant and get mad about how we had to watch the fourth-worst player in baseball by WAR rack up over 500 plate appearances. We also are annoyed with Dee Gordon.

Next week, it’ll be the Shane show, as Brett will be gallivanting through Europe on his way to the Seahawks game against Oakland, so enjoy one of the duos you know exists while you can this week!