The BS Show: Reunited and it feels so good; the smell isn’t great though

Brett is back, and quite a lot happened while he was gone!

The show starts on a serious note as the two of us pay our respects to the late Paul Allen, who died on Monday. We discuss his accomplishments inside and outside of sports, and talk about what we’ll remember most about him.

Brett has been back from Europe for almost 48 hours as of the start of this recording, so Shane invited him to discuss his trip, which he does, probably for longer than is interesting to any of you. But it had some bright spots that won’t put you to sleep in it…probably. The WSU flag was waved and photographed in three countries, which is pretty neat if you’re into that sort of thing.

Of course, he was there to watch the Seahawks take on the Oakland Raiders, and they absolutely destroyed the fightin’ Grudens of Northern California, 27-3. Brett talks about the atmosphere in the stadium, the people he met along the way, and the general experience before the guys dig into what happened in the actual game.

We move on to the MLB playoffs, focusing mostly on the NLCS, because those teams are more interesting and also far less hateable than the AL teams.

The meat of the baseball section, and this week’s podcast, however, is Brett’s offseason plan for the Mariners. He goes on for about 15 minutes explaining move-by-move what the Mariners should do, and how it fits into their budget. It’s pretty good, and the Mariners should do it, and you should want them to do it!

Next we move on to College Football, looking at UW’s loss to Oregon, a loss that made it possible for COLLEGE GAMEDAY TO COME TO PULLMAN, COLLEGE GAMEDAY IS COMING TO PULLMAN, MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING. Brett’s a bit excited about that, and talks about his whirlwind plans to go attend.

Also, he uses the phrase “far out the ass” on this episode too much. It’s weird.

Finally, we wrap up with our weekend plans and get a little too mushy talking about our appreciation for each other as pals and podcast partners as the title says–reunited and it feels so good.

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  1. I thought of you the minute I heard Gameday was finally headed for the Palouse. I was trying to decide if you would be one of the “get up at 4am and start drinking” guys or the “push through from the night before” guys.