The BS Show: The one where WSU is ranked above UW

Bet you can’t guess which one of us came up with the title of this episode. I’d give you a hint, but I’m not going to do that. Sorry!

This week’s show kicks off with Brett talking about his whirlwind 36-hour experience over in Pullman for ESPN’s College GameDay and WSU’s 34-20 victory over the Oregon Ducks. It was a magical weekend in a magical place, and the Cougs made a statement to the entire college football world. How big of an impact last Saturday makes will largely be influenced by how WSU does against Stanford this Saturday, though, so we also take a look at that game.

Shane breaks down what he saw in UW’s 27-13 win over Colorado, a game where UW was without Myles Gaskin. Though the score remained close until the second half, UW never appeared to be in much danger of losing, even with a so-so performance from Jake Browning. We look ahead to the Huskies’ matchup with a Cal team that just blew the doors off of the Beavers in Corvallis. Should the Huskies fans feel any trepidation about this Saturday’s game against Cal, or will the Huskies give them a Molly-whopping?

We break from football to talk a little bit about the World Series matchup between the Dodgers and the Red Sox. One of us couldn’t care less, while the other could care less, but not a whole lot less. You’ll have to listen to find out who gives less of a damn!

The Seahawks are back in action this week in a game that looks to be fairly evenly matched on the surface, but dig deeper and we’ll explain why the Seahawks should be able to handle the Lions without making the fans sweat it out too much. I hope you like DVOA, because we talk about it a lot here.

Our weekly Swelmet winner may surprise you, at least who Shane awards his to. Brett’s is unsurprising and self-serving, but what else would you expect from him?