The BS Show: At least college sports are good!

We’re back with an extra sassy edition of the BS Show, as Brett puts Shane on blast multiple times throughout the episode, so Shane hits him back with some choice digs of his own.

The show starts with a brief address of the Mariners’ situation with Dr. Lorena Martin’s accusations of racism and sexism within the organization, though we don’t have enough information to offer opinions. We simply want you to be aware of the situation.

Since Mike Zunino was traded right after we wrapped up last week, we offer our thoughts on that deal, from the prospects all the way up to the triumphant return of Mariner legend and folk hero Mallex Smith. We also discuss where James Paxton might get traded to, and when–presumably right after this damn thing gets posted.

The Seahawks lost another close one, and while there are silver linings to take away, time is running out on them for their chances to get into the playoffs. They take on Green Bay tomorrow, a similarly talented-yet-underachieving team. Can the Seahawks pull it off? It sure is possible! We tell you what we think, because we know you’re dying to know.

Down in the collegiate ranks, UW is coming off of their bye to face the lowly Beavers in what should be a blowout, get-right game, unless Shane’s curse of not being able to witness his teams winning in sporting events he attends continues. It would be pretty unlikely, and would prove the curse beyond a shadow of a doubt.

WSU is coming off a big win against Colorado, and faces a much tougher test this week in Pullman when Khalil Tate and the Wildcats come to town. Last year, the Wildcats spanked the Cougs. What do they need to do to avoid that again? We’ve got answers on this, too. This is also where most of the roasting happens.

We wrap up by giving out our swelmets of the week and doing bad impressions of Jerry Seinfeld. You probably don’t want to miss that! But uh, maybe you do, too.