Please enjoy these Adrian Beltré GIFs

Legendary third basemen Adrian Beltré has announced his retirement from baseball after an incredible 21-year career. He bounced around from team-to-team before finally finding a home in Arlington, Texas.

The 39-year old put up a Hall of Fame career, over 3,000 hits will do that, without winning a World Series ring. Fortunately for us, he had a world championship personality and we were able to enjoy all of it through the wonders of social media.

Please enjoy this small selection of Adrian Beltré GIFs to commemorate his amazing career.

That time he got tossed because an ump was being an unreasonable ass.

When he decided he needed to confirm he didn’t swing at a bad pitch

All those home runs he hit from one knee

Stealing bags, the only way Beltré knew how to

The obvious love/hate relationship he had with Elvis Andrus

No, really

When his teammates tried to celebrate a home run by touching his head

Touching Beltré’s head was like the forbidden fruit of baseball


Thanks for being an amazing ball player and entertaining person Adrian. Congrats on your retirement…see you in Cooperstown.

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