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Report: USC likes losing football games

The rumor mill is hot regarding the future of USC football’s head coach Clay Helton. There seems to be a lot of debate between sources with information about whether or not he’ll have a job…and who would replace Helton if he’s fired.

Earlier this week, there was reports that athletic director Lynn Swann was willing to keep Helton on the job after this season.

If Swann kept Helton on for one more season, it would be kind of understandable. There is a tremendous amount of young talent on the roster that’s been besieged by injuries this years. What would make this decision, practically, indefensible is the complete lack of discipline that’s been shown by USC’s players this season.

It’s this lack of discipline that has led many to believe that Helton is coaching his last game in Los Angeles on Saturday. So, who would replace him if he left?

Ahhhh, I see…it looks like Swann would go the retread NFL coach route. Just because it worked once with Pete Carroll –and had had promising early results in Tempe, Ariz. — does not mean that it’ll work again.

Neither Jack Del Rio or Jeff Fischer have shown a willingness to adapt on their offensive principles. Their ground and pound, control the clock style of offense would be completely outdated in the Pac-12 as it exist today. Hiring either of these rejected NFL coaches would probably be a hilarious disaster; one that could further weaken the Trojans going forward.

So, naturally, I completely support either strategy.

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