The BS Show: Who the h*ck is gonna baseball for Seattle in 2019?

Before sports, Brett has a #VeryImportant rant to go on about a game show, and a total jamoke who blew it on said game show. So be ready for that before the sports. Hope you wanted a baseball-centric episode!

To borrow a line from Major League…who are these fuckin’ guys? The Mariners have traded basically all of their good players for guys that they hope will someday be good players. Are you afraid? Scared? Don’t worry, folks. We’re here to make sense of it all for you. For about 45 minutes of this 70-ish minute episode. We really went overboard on the baseball!

First, Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz and $20 million went to the Mets for Jay Bruce, Anthony Swarzak, Jarred Kelenic, Justin Dunn, and Gerson Bautista. Did the M’s get enough? How good are these prospects? Also, Jay Bruce in 2018? What in the sam heck is going on?! We don’t have a great idea, but we have more than NO idea, and we share that with you here.

Secondly, Jean Segura and relievers for J.P. Crawford and (the baseball version of) Carlos Santana? Crawford was once one of the top prospects in baseball, but has fallen down in national prospect lists over the last couple of seasons. What should the M’s expect, and what’s the best-case scenario here? They may not be good answers, but we’ve got them for you anyway.

We also discuss the Alex Colome for Omar Narvaez deal, which might be the one that makes the most sense on the surface. Four years of a catcher for two of a reliever? Seems like a solid gamble.

The Pacific Northwest is getting a new sports franchise! We talk about that some. I don’t want to give too much away, though, for those of you that don’t know about our awesome new team!

Football also happened, and we do get to it eventually! Richard Sherman made his return to Seattle over the weekend and…his team got totally smoked. It was a pretty boring game, really, but we watched the whole thing, and tell you what you should think about what happened. By the way, Bobby Wagner is really good, everybody.

The Huskies and Cougs have their bowl destinations set, and we’ll go over their games in more detail as they approach. But for now, a whole lot of Huskies and Cougs were named to the first and second teams of the AP All-Conference team! For big awards, UW’s Ben Burr-Kirven took home the Pac-12 Defensive player of the year, while WSU QB Gardner Minshew II took home Offensive player of the year. Mike Leach also nabbed his second coach of the year award in the past four seasons.

Our swelmet winner shouldn’t be hard to guess this week. We gave it to the same guy.

We also actually are doing fun stuff this weekend! The last segment isn’t as boring as usual, we promise!