Podcast: WSU Football Signing day and Alamo Bowl predictions

Brent Schwartz is back to talk some WSU ‘crootin’ and give us one last look ahead to next Friday’s Alamo Bowl against Iowa State. Recorded on December 20 in the early afternoon, so we only talk about players that had signed as of December 19.

Brent has a list of all of WSU’s signed recruits in order of how excited he is about them, so most of this episode is simply running through each player, what they do well, and what when we can expect to see them playing for the Cougs. We do, however, address UW Coach Chris Petersen’s “vulture” comments at the beginning of the show. You might be surprised to hear that we’re not that impressed by them.

One theme we noticed in this recruiting class was size. It seems like WSU is recruiting players that are larger than before, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Is this a change in recruiting philosophy, or has WSU’s on-field success simply made it easier for them to recruit bigger, stronger athletes? We discuss that throughout the episode, as we continue to find athletes that generally seem bigger than WSU generally recruits.

After all the recruiting goodness–and there is a lot of it, when you’ve got so many player to talk about–we briefly preview the Alamo Bowl one more time, and one of us chooses a final score that you listeners won’t like. All that, and a very little else–but not NOTHING else–on this edition of WSU Bonus BS!