The BS Show: Playoffs, bowls, and baseball, oh my!

A new year means it’s time for new BS, even though it really does sound a lot like the old BS. I guess our resolutions haven’t quite kicked in and made us new people yet. Maybe next week!

The Seahawks squeaked out a win against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, winning 27-24 in a game that was much closer than it should have been. We take a look back at that game as well as the full big picture of the season for the Seahawks, and give some love to players that had excellent seasons. Jarran Reed, we’re looking at you–what an incredible, under-the-radar season he put together.

They’ll face Dallas in the opening round of the playoffs on Saturday in a rematch of Week 3’s home victory. Both teams have changed a lot since then, but only one of them actually looks good when breaking down the analytics. We tell you which one that is, and give you our picks for all of this week’s NFL action.

Both UW and WSU played their bowl games since we last recorded, and the Cougs got a thrilling win against Iowa State while the Huskies came up just short in their furious comeback attempt late in the fourth quarter. Both teams gave us lots of good memories to take into the offseason, and we talk a little bit about what our college teams meant to us this year.

We briefly touch on the Mariners’ signing of Japanese left-hander Yusei Kikuchi, who looks like he fits the Mariners’ window of competitiveness, if everything goes according to plan. However, neither of us are really experts on NPB, so our analysis is limited.

We do, however, think we know a lot about who should and shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame, and just like last year, we both filled out ballots. Boringly, we agreed on 8 out of 10 picks, but there were 2 that were unique to each ballot. Give us a listen and tell us which one of us is smart, and which one is a big dumb idiot with their votes. After that…I don’t know, go outside, do something productive!