The BS Show: Seahawks & Shane say so long for now

Shane’s personal news leads the show off: He’s leaving Seattle to take a job as a sports reporter in Mason City, Iowa! As his co-host, I can say I’m quite excited for Shane being able to chase his dream, and I can also say that, while our schedule may change, this is not the end. Sorry to deceive you in the title. Once he’s settled in to his new digs out in Iowa, we’ll continue doing the show with the power of the internet. So, as Shane embraces a new opportunity, I’ll be here making sure our lightly-listened to podcast continues to thrive.

The first thing on all of your minds this week is probably the Seahawks’ incredibly frustrating loss to Dallas. Apparently, when you have a future hall-of-fame QB, and are facing a passing defense that is ranked in the middle of the pack of the league, and a rush defense that is excellent, the best thing to do is run all the time. They’ll never see that coming! Unfortunately, Dallas saw it coming, and we break down just how bad the Seahawks’ gameplan was with actual numbers and facts from the game! Hopefully you enjoy running on six-of-seven second-half first down plays despite averaging under three yards per carry in the first half!

After we bitch and moan about the Seahawks’ coaches shooting themselves in the foot for three hours, we shift our focus to their offseason needs. Believe it or not, we don’t have the EXACT same list! It’s very close, though.

Less close are our NFL playoff predictions this week. We agreed on two picks, though saw the games going differently, and actually disagreed on two of the games! We’re making progress at becoming more disagreeable, just as Shane’s leaving. Maybe it’s that negativity that’s sending him away.

Some stuff has happened in baseball, so we briefly touch on that, focusing mainly on the strange structure of Yusei Kikuchi’s contract. We also take a guess at the order of the rotation for the Mariners when they open up the season in Tokyo just two months and change from now.

Shane had a coffee date with our boss, which went well! He thinks there will be a second one. But we had to pause the recording for that, so I hope you enjoy the mood-appropriate music we picked out for the interlude.

After Shane swilled some coffee, we return taking a look at the National Championship game between Alabama and Clemson. We talked very little about the game, then ranted about what’s wrong with the NCAA. The college football conversation wrapped with our opinions on where WSU and UW finished in the final AP Football poll, and our guesses about where they’ll be ranked in the 2019 preseason.

After some sappy goodbyes, we promise to keep the show going, not just for us, but to keep you, the listener, more informed. That’s why we do this, after all. Stay tuned for an alternate outro track this week! And stay tuned to our social media feeds to get an idea when the next show will come, and what schedule we’ll be on. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know!