The BS Show: Elect Edgar; piss off, Patriots; bend it like (Tim) Beckham

Shane’s about to start his journey to Mason City, Iowa, but before he gets on the road he was nice enough to send in some sound bites on today’s topics.

We start with Edgar Martinez and the hall of fame. By next week’s episode, we’ll know whether he make it or not, and so far, he’s polling very well on the publicly released ballots. We discuss whether or not we’re nervous, and who we else we think will be getting a plaque. Shane also rants about the hall’s virtue policing.

Shane clearly won the picks last week, going 3-1 to Brett’s 1-3. Goddamn you, Alshon Jeffery, for letting Shane take the lead. That sets up a couple of very good matchups with Patty Mahomes taking on Tommy B and the Patriots in Kansas City, and Drew “take it Breezy” Brees facing off against “She went to” Jared Goff and the Rams. We see eye-to-eye on one of these games, though one of us actually picked BOTH underdogs. Which one of us do you think is the big fool?

Tosh Lupoi has left Alabama to take a position with the Cleveland Browns, and it’s rumored that Jimmy Lake was interviewing with Alabama over the weekend. With so many starters leaving on defense, and the possibility of Pete Kwiatkowski leaving as well, should we expect major regression from the UW defense? Or is their program strong enough to weather all these departures?

Across the state, WSU will not be getting Jalen Hurts, as he’s transferred to Oklahoma. Gage Gubrud, the Eastern Washington QB who beat the Cougs just two seasons ago, could potentially transfer down to Pullman if granted a medical redshirt, however. With Cammon Cooper coming along more slowly than the coaches had hoped, and Trey Tinsley and Anthony Gordon having limited upside, would Gubrud give the Cougs a Minshew sequel?

In non Hall of Fame news, the Mariners signed two players–former number one overall pick Tim Beckham, and journeyman reliever Cory Gearrin. We discuss the impact they’ll have on the 2019 team.

We agree on the swelmet winner of the week, though Brett offers a second winner as well. Patty Mahomes can’t have all the accolades.

We’ll try to make the show more normal for you next week, but we hope you enjoy what we were able to slap together this week, even if it the stench is a little more pungent than the normal BS you’re used to.