The BS Show: Edgar Martinez, Hall of Famer

Did you like last week’s episode? That’s great, because we have one more week of Shane sending in his audio clips and me editing them into the show!

Obviously, the big news of the week is Edgar Martinez going into the Hall of Fame. For most of the show, Shane and I simply talk about his greatness, and our memories of him. We also briefly discuss the rest of the 2019 class. We also take a look at snubs from this year’s class, and take a look ahead to what next year’s ballot will look like.

Both NFL playoff games were pretty exciting, and we talk a little bit about those, focusing on the most egregious non-call we’ve seen in a long time in the Saints and Rams game that directly cost the Saints the game, and the overtime rules that didn’t allow Patrick Mahomes a chance to respond to Tom Brady’s touchdown drive in overtime.

Finally, we wrap up with a little more Mariners news, and a bit more on Edgar. Sorry we didn’t diversify our topics more, dude and dudettes. Hopefully you wanted lots of Edgar this week!