The BS Show: The Superbest Owl

Shane took an hour away from freezing to death to call into the show and record an hour. Mighty fine of him.

The show starts with us discussing how terrible the Pro Bowl is, and what should be done about it. From there, we look at all the all-star games for the major sports and rank them based on our very scientific opinions of goodness. Sorry, NFL, ya blew it.

The Super Bowl happens this Sunday, and we are positively whelmed with excitement. Both of us see the game finishing with a similar score, but with completely different ways of getting there. I don’t think you’ll like our predictions.

Since not much is happening locally, we take a way-too-early look at the 2020 Hall of Fame Ballot, and I give you the correct ballot while Shane also gives us his.

WSU football was in the news, with Mike Leach getting a year tacked onto his deal, and defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys getting a three-year extension. We also discuss WSU’s pursuit of Gage Gubrud, and if he’ll end up in Pullman.

It was great to be reunited again, and we’ll try to find a better way to record audio than having Shane call into the show next week. Also! We will likely shift our recording day from Wednesday to either Sunday or Monday. Stay tuned for that–we’ll keep you posted! And keep BSing everyone you know in the meantime.