The BS Show: A lot of talking, but not much said

Shane and I talked a lot this week, despite not much going on in the world of sports. I guess we just missed hearing the other’s voice after more than a week between episodes!

After too much time spent catching up, we discuss the turd of a Super Bowl, which leads us to discussing the greatest sports dynasties of all time. Shane did a lot more work on this subject, and it’s very clear when listening.

Baseball is coming soon, and we look ahead to pitchers and catchers reporting, and talk about what we’re excited for this coming season, and take a look at the Mariners collection of infielders. More generally, we get annoyed and mad that no one has signed Harper or Machado yet.

WSU made a lot of news, sweeping the Arizona schools in basketball, having Gardner Minshew win the male athlete of the year award, and landing QB Gage Gubrud from Eastern Washington as a grad transfer. On the purple side, UW went 1-1 in their trip to Arizona, and have a firm grasp on the Pac-12.

We BS’d a ton in the wrap up, and for that we’re only kind of sorry. It’s called the BS Show, you knew what you were getting into.