The BS Show: Baseball players are finally exercising!

We’ve both braved the elements to bring you another episode of the BS Show! Aren’t you lucky? We think you are.

Baseball players have reported for Spring Training, so we’re mostly talking about that. Even though they won’t play a game until later this week, they’re at least exercising together, which is the first step to admitting you’re going to play some baseball.

After talking about the infielders last week, we discuss the outfielders and the DH spot this week. Will Mitch Haniger get better? Is Mallex Smith’s elbow injury serious? Will Jay Bruce or Domingo Santana get more early-season at-bats? Any of those things could be true, and you’ll have to listen to know we believe! Boom, teaser paragraph.

Also, Bryce Harper is closer to being signed! Unless he isn’t. We don’t really know!

Also, Scott Servais is going to become the second-longest tenured manager in Mariners history after this season. Make of that what you will. We make of it what we will in this podcast.

We wind down with some baseball trivia, and briefly look at the local college basketball teams. After that we boringly describe our weekend plans, and spend a moment discussing the greatness of Red Dead Redemption 2. All that, and little else in this week’s show!