Raiders hobble rebuild, reportedly trade for Brown

Antonio Brown is reportedly heading to Oakland for a pair of picks in a move that will hobble their rebuild. The good news for Brown is that he’s getting the better contract he wanted, even if he’s not going to a contender.

Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Raiders are sending a third and fifth round pick to Pittsburgh for this years draft. This isn’t a crippling blow to Oakland’s rebuild…but it is going to slow it down as that’s two less cost controlled prospects that they’ll get to grab in the draft.

This trade won’t become official until the start of the new league year on Wednesday.

What makes this move even funnier is the fact that Oakland is giving the wide receiver more money when they refused to give Khalil Mack his desired contract, despite Mack being younger and at a more premium position, they’re giving an aging wideout everything he asked for. But the Raiders are going to do what they’re going to do, even if it doesn’t make a ton of sense.