Wilson, Seahawks are dancing around contract negotiations

Earlier this week, news broke on Brock and Salk that the Seattle Seahawks had met with Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray during the NFL Combine. The uproar caused in Seattle media led to a discussion about trading the best quarterback in franchise history — side note, that’s a really dumb idea.

This discussion surrounding trading Wilson comes from the fact that he is widely expected to demand the richest contract in NFL history, which will mean at least $35 million per year; that annual sum would eat up a huge chunk of the team’s salary cap that would make it more difficult to retain the talent at other positions the team is going to need to make another serious run at the Super Bowl during Russell’s prime. Now to be clear, these discussions about trade have purely been the work of the fan base and analyst…there has been no reports that Seattle’s veteran quarterback is on the block. What there has been are discussions that Ciara would like to move to New York to help her music career.

That rumor comes thanks to a source in the entertainment industry and Fox Sports TV host Colin Cowherd.

If Wilson really wanted a trade out of Seattle, this wouldn’t be coming to the sports media world through a source in the entertainment industry; we’d be seeing it leaked through a sports reporter in Seattle…than it would spread to other national reporters through different sources close to his agent.

What these rumors about Ciara’s desire to head to New York, and the quarterback’s desire to get out of Seattle, is the fact that he’s entering the last year of his contract with the Hawks and his agent wants to plant the idea that Wilson isn’t afraid to leave the team that drafted him if he gets a better contract elsewhere. The hope being that means the general manager John Schneider and co. would be willing to pay a premium to prevent the 30-year old from hitting free agency in 2020.

Seattle has truly yet to counter, at least publically, to these rumors. There is a tendency to think that sitting down with Murray at the Combine was them countering; but that appears to me to be more about seeing what the Arizona Cardinals are going to be getting when they select him first overall — I’d be stunned if they don’t pick Murray, the Cards new head coach is extremely high on him. There’s also the fact that Seattle met with Josh Allen last year, and Patrick Mahomes the year before that.

Neither the 2018 and 2017 draft were during periods where Seattle was expected to be negotiating an extension with their franchise quarterback. This is just the front office doing its due diligence on a guy who’s going probably going to be coming to their division.

At this moment, all we’ve got is Mark Rodgers (Wilson’s agent) is posturing in order to drive up the market for his client. In all likelihood, the Seahawks and Wilson are going to come to an agreement on a contract extension prior to the start of fall camp, just like last time. But unlike last time, the franchise quarterback is going to get the richest contract in league history.