Washington is drunker than normal, signs safety to six-year deal

Washington’s NFL franchise is one of the poorest run organizations in the league. For example, see this massive contract it just signed safety Landon Collins to.

That’s $14 million per year, for a position that hasn’t seen really big contracts signed over the last couple of seasons. It’s also surprising because of its length.

At just 25-years old, Collins is one of the youngest free agents on the market that was expected to sign. In 2018 he started in 12 game while recording 74 solo tackles and 29 assist with the New York Giants. But it was a relatively turnover free year for him that came to an end when he tore his labrum in December.

The recovery from a torn labrum can take anywhere from four to six months. Which means that he could be ready now…or he’s still going to be rehabbing in June.

Now Collins should be cleared to play by the time fall camp rolls around, but there should still be concerns about how ready he is going to be for the 2019 season after such a serious injury. For Washington to sign him to such a large, and long, contract means that they aren’t as concerned about his health as I am…or as his former team was.