Dolphins sign QB Fitzpatrick to two-year deal

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has bounced around the NFL, including an impressive stint as Tampa Bay’s starter for seven games last season. Now he’s signed a two year contract with the Miami Dolphins that will probably round out the last couple years of his career.

Fitzpatrick seemingly had the Midas touch last season as he filled in for Jameis Winston, whom was suspended for the first three games of the season for reprehensible then got hurt last season. It was the best season of the veteran’s career as he threw for touchdowns on 6.9% of his pass attempts…but he also threw interceptions on 4.9% of those attempts, both were career highs. He also averaged a career high of 14.4 yards per completion during his seven starts with the Buccaneers.

It’s unlikely that the Dolphins are bringing him in as they’re franchise guy, but it’s interesting to see them go out and sign a quarterback considering that they brought in Brock Osweiler after trading Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans. This looks like a move designed to build up the quarterback depth while also allowing the team’s young quarterbacks (like Luke Falk) to develop, or to give Miami more time to go out and acquire another quarterback in the draft prospect. That’s the only way that going out and getting Fitzpatrick really makes sense for a team that clearly needs to rebuild after going 4-12 last season.

Bringing in a stop gap, veteran quarterback, is a wise choice if you’re trying to have a roster that is going to suck for a couple of seasons while accumulating draft picks.