The BS Show: Moving, shaking, and dingers

We’re back for another week of BS, and this time, we both have laptops to record on! So the sounds quality is the best it’s been in weeks! As for the content, we suppose that’s for you to decide. But we’ll tell you what to decide: it’s good. Very good!

So good that it starts with nothing about sports at all. Shane fills us in on his trip to Target Field, a haunted house, and more. Brett tells us about moving in and then bitches about having to spend three days away from the new place immediately. It’s compelling stuff, ladies and gents!

When we do start talking about sports, it’s just baseball this week. We do, however, have a special guest that introduces baseball–none other than Cubs broadcasting legend Harry Caray!

When Mr. Caray departs, what else would you rather talk us about than the 7-1 Seattle Mariners? Even if Shane and Brett were talking about the 5-1 Seattle Mariners during the first game of the Angels series, then ONE of us was too bad of a show partner to get things up in time. I’m looking at you, ME.

Fun fact: at the time of recording, a Mariners third baseman had made an error in every single game!

Ryon Healy is stinging the ball, with the vast majority of his hits going for extra bases. Which is good, because it’s clear he is NOT a third baseman. Is there hope for Healy as a productive hitter, though? We tell you our dumbass opinions on the matter!

Omar Narvaez certainly has been impressive at the dish, but what about behind it? We share our observations of his work behind the plate, and we also both get fooled by a routine flyout he hits during our recording where we were watching the Mariners game without volume.

The bullpen sure is bad, isn’t it? We whine and complain about Cory Gearrin’s pace between pitches and general ineffectiveness, and do our best to find some bright spots in this pen. This feels like the type of team that will have a four-run lead in the bottom of the 7th and we’ll still be saying “Well, I hope they get some insurance runs.”

Congrats to Tim Beckham on winning the American League Player of the Week! Beckham is currently tied for the league lead in WAR with some dude named Christian Yelich, seems pretty good to me. If Beckham has really taken a step and is more like his 2017 self than 2018 self, what should the M’s do with him?

Felix was pitching on the night we recorded, so we were able to analyze his start in real time for all you people that trust our ability to identify pitching talent (don’t do that, please). He gave up 3 runs, but the defense made 4 errors behind him, and he was hitting 92 with regularity…but he also got barreled up pretty good. If you want to know what we thought about his outing, you’ll have to listen!

Finally, we wrap up by giving out our weekly awards. Yes, with an “s” at the end. We invented a new one that we think you’ll like. Give us a play to find out what it is!