The Spiel: Mike Trout’s grand slam

Center fielder Mike Trout — the man who holds the richest contract in baseball history, but whom is still horribly underpaid — hit a grand slam today against the Texas Rangers that cleared the left field bullpens in Anaheim.

Leaving the ball up in the zone against Trout is arguably one of the worst things a pitcher can do in baseball. So far this season, that’s where he’s been feasting on pitches.

So where was that pitch that Trout hammered to give his squad a 4-0 lead over the Rangers? Oh, right…

Let’s not leave pitches hanging up in the top part of the zone to the 27-year old anymore, shall we?

Currently, the 27-year old is hitting .375/.543/.833 with an unreal wRC+of 284. He’s doing this while walking at a slightly below career average rate of 18.2% and striking out at the lowest rate of his career (6.1%); and already being worth 0.8 wins.