The BS Show: The quest to take back the home run record begins

Another week has gone by and in that time the Mariners only lost one (1) game! They continue to pummel opposing pitching with dingers and dongers all over the yard, shaftin’ woodies like it’s going out of style. This probably isn’t sustainable, but it sure is fun!

At the center of the fun is the Mariners’ large adult son, Daniel Vogelbach, who entered yesterday’s game with a 443 wRC+ and actually RAISED it to 444 with a 1-2, HR, 3 BB day. Is Vogey for real? We discuss for you!

The Mariners have three DHs right now that are all mashing in Vogelbach, Edwin Encarnacion, and Jay Bruce. If the M’s keep being awesome, do you want to trade any of them? If you were only going to move one, which one would you move? The Mariners may have some tough decisions ahead of them from what looked like foregone conclusions at the start of the year, and we try to make them as armchair GMs.

Domingo Santana has been off to a torrid start, and his contact rate has gone up over 10% from his career average. Can he keep it up? And it’s early, but will the Gamel for Santana trade go down in the hall of M’s great trades with Phelps for Buhner? It’s early, but it’s sure looking possible.

Finally, we take some digs at sports talk radio for spending any amount of time on the Russell Wilson contract negotiations that we haven’t received any new information about in days. Come on, guys. Be better. Be best, even.

If you were hoping for more, well, there’s very little else about sports. We talk a little bit about WrestleMania, and our weekends, but if you wanted more, you won’t find it here! Give us a listen anyway, though, ok? Ok. Thanks!