The BS Show: The Mariners are bad again, the NFL draft happened, and Shane fails to spoil Endgame

We’re back at another odd time because that’s just how it goes when we’re in two different time zones. We go over our weekends, and discuss seeing Avengers: Endgame, which Shane tries to spoil but I censored him to not allow it. So ya’ll safe in this space, homies.

The real life Thor, though, Noah Syndergaard, pitched a complete game shutout and hit a solo homer to win 1-0 on Wednesday, so there’s a fun little segway for you.

The Mariners made history, doing something that hasn’t been done since the 1890 Philadelphia A’s! But not the good kind of history like you’d like. They set a record for ineptitude during their last homestand that we dive into.

We go over the Mallex Smith for Braden Bishop swap the Mariners made with Tacoma, and one of us is excited and the other is positively whelmed for the former Husky’s call up. Betcha can’t guess who! Also, is Mallex Smith actually just not very good? We discuss!

We also look at all the trades the Mariners made this offseason and…well, so far, it ain’t pretty. It’s not even adequate. The good news is most of the top prizes are guys that won’t be in the majors for a long time. The bad news is, the ones that are have not been very good. Is there hope for these new guys? Or did the M’s just get fleeced?

The NFL draft happened, and we don’t know much about college players outside the Pac-12! But we do our best to talk about a few of the Seahawks’ draftees and explain why we thought they had a good draft even if we don’t know a damn thing about most the guys they took. Trust us, we have solid reasoning.

Before giving out the weekly awards, we briefly touch on the QB situation at UW after reports have said Colson Yankov and Jacob Sirmon want out. After that, we wrap up looking ahead to our next week, and I save you from Shane trying to spoil endgame one more time. We’re pretty proud of this one, so we hope you’re proud of us, too! <3