The BS Show – WSU Football: Season predictions; time to annihilate the Aggies

The WSU football season starts tomorrow! After months of scheduling conflicts and life happening, Brent Schwartz and I were finally able to get together and talk about the most glorious thing in the world: Cougar football! We kind of wrap two episodes into one here, going over the depth chart, predicting the season game-by-game, and previewing tomorrow’s (TOMORROW’S!) matchup against New Mexico State.

The episode begins talking about key additions and departures since we last podcasted, most notably the loss of Jalen Thompson for the secondary. We wish Jalen the best, and remember his WSU career fondly.

Next, we look at the depth chart for this week and go through position-by-position, determining points of strength and weakness in the two-deeps. I don’t know about you, but cornerback scares the bajeezus out of me.

While we’d have liked to do this part sooner, we weren’t, so we finally go game-by-game through the schedule and predict each one. We have a few disagreements on where the W’s and L’s will be, but still came out just one win apart on our total.

If you’re just looking for the New Mexico State game preview, that comes about an hour into the show–we promise the others won’t be quite this long! Spoiler alert: we both think they are going to win, by a lot.

Finally, I apologize for Cash barking in the background for a good chunk of the episode. Good doggos just want to be around the people, but she’d have barked even more if I hadn’t put her in the back room WITH A FULL COMPLIMENT OF TREATS I MIGHT ADD. Looking forward to talking at you again next week.

Go Cougs!

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