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The BS Show – WSU football: Gordon is great; blow out the Bears

Well, that sure was an ass-whooping, wasn’t it? Anthony Gordon erased all doubt over who deserves to be the starter last Saturday, finishing with 420 yards (hehe) on 29 completions in just 35 attempts, as well as five touchdown passes. Oh, and he exited the game midway through the third quarter. Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Brent Schwartz is with me again to make sense of it all, though it’s hard to do much more than gush when you’re playing a team as out-of-your-league as New Mexico State was. Still, we solider on, and give love to the players that deserve it, while still addressing some concerns…like who is going to spell Max Borghi at backup RB? Because McIntosh and Markoff didn’t really do much against a pretty bad defense.

Still, this edition is mostly positive, as it should be. We also take a look at some defensive standouts, including Travion Brown and Tyrese Ross, who both had monster games.

Next, we take a look around the conference, which had an up-and-down first week, which was punctuated by Oregon’s embarrassing loss to Auburn in a game they should have been in complete control of. How does that impact the perception of the conference? Don’t worry, baby birds, we’ll feed you.

As usual, we wrap up with score predictions for this week, and it turns out we’re playing another bad team, the Northern Colorado Bears. So it’s a matter of how by much, not whether they’ll win or lose. Will this be the week the Cougs finally #Drop70? Or will there be a bit of a let down after Saturday’s outstanding performance? We’ll let you know, all you have to do…is let us in.

(I sure hope I’m not the only one that watches wrestling and gets that reference!)

Go Cougs!

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