The morning after: WSU gave up 50 points in the second half

What the fuck was that

No seriously, what the flying fuck was that Washington State? UCLA’s offense had only scored 14 points in its first three games and it’s offense looked inept throughout the first half (outside of a solid first drive) and the defense was constantly harassing quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson while shutting down the Bruins run game. This led to a 32-point lead through the early part of the third quarter.

It felt like the Cougars were in position to not only cover the spread, but do it while the defense actually looked fucking competent.

Then Roderick Fisher “fumbled” (HE WAS DOWN YOU FUCKING BLIND SHITHEADS) and Thompson-Robinson found a wide open Chase Cota on the seem for a 37-yard catch and run that cut the deficit to 18. The comeback was on for Chip Kelly’s squad, and WSU’s defense was in the process of completely shitting the bed on national television. It was a horrific collapse that woke-up the east cost in the middle of the night while bringing back a term — and form of Cougar football I had hoped was long dead.

This was absolutely un-fucking-acceptable and defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys is going to have a serious fucking look in the mirror after his defense gave up 50 points to an offense that previously couldn’t find the end zone if you held their hand and walked them to it. He spent all fall talking about how the defense wasn’t really ready yet and showing his displeasure at how they were getting ready for the season; but promising that they’d be ready. Since WSU had three very winnable games in the non-conference schedule, and a previously hapless UCLA to open up conference play, there was an understanding that this defense wouldn’t be a shitshow come conference play.

Fucking whoops.

Now granted, despite scoring 63 points — and rewriting the program’s single-game touchdown passing record — the offense didn’t help its defense out as it turned the ball over six times in this game. There were four fucking fumbles (one wasn’t really a fumble, but ya know #Pac12Refs gonna do their thing) and all of those fumbles miraculously ended up in the hands of those wearing baby blue and gold. The worst part about the fumble issues was when sophomore running back Max Borghi had this to say about his teammates.

Are you fucking kidding me? This game was lost because the defense was given short field after short field to work with because the team doesn’t take the ball security drills seriously?…don’t get me started on the #specialforces, just don’t.

I thought the defensive ineptitude in the secondary was awful enough, but this…this just makes me want to vomit. This game started off so promising, and it seemed like Claeys had the right game plan to stop the Bruins offensively….despite the three turnovers in the first half. Instead it turned into the second largest come-from-behind win in UCLA history, while also becoming the worst loss in program history for Washington State (yes, this is easily worse than the loss to Portland State in 2015).

Next-up for Wazzu is going to be a terrifying match-up against a Utah team with a veteran mobile quarterback and another top tier running back group.

Fuck me.