The BS Show – WSU football: UCLOLA, Yeet the Utes

Well that was terrible and awful and we hated it. Brent and I flush this turd quickly, because boy is it ever a stinky one. We discuss the turning points–notably Rodrick Fisher’s fumble, and Mike Leach’s cowardly punt decision. Also, the defense might just be a problem, and #SpecialForces reared their ugly heads again.

What we learned was somewhat more positive, where we discuss ways Anthony Gordon could get even better, gush about Easop Winston, and seriously ask if Max Borghi might be the best non-QB player in the conference. We also revisit our preseason expectations and whether or not they’ve changed.

It was another weird week in the Pac-12, with Utah and Arizona State losing, Cal getting an important road win, and Oregon knocking off an increasingly awful-looking Stanford team. Also, the Huskies did good things, but we don’t like them.

D’Eriq King has announced his intention to transfer from Houston and plans to redshirt the rest of his year so he can do so. Brent and I discuss how it must feel to be a teammate of his, and if he’d be a good fit for WSU.

Finally, we take a deeper dive into Utah, and what the Cougs can expect from the best opponent they’ve played thus far. Believe it or not, there are reason for optimism for this game, and I’m 99% Brent and I found them all. So get hype, Coug fans, they might actually have a chance in this one.

Go Cougs!

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