NFL is considering having fans sign a wavier to attend

The Athletic is reporting that the NFL is considering allowing fans into games and forcing them to sign waivers if any of them get COVID19. This would, in theory, protect the league from any legal actions; despite the expert consensus being that there shouldn’t be fans at games anyway.

This is just mindbogglingly stupid thought to even consider as this irresponsible country enters the worst wave of new COVID19 cases its ever seen. The league’s pocket books would take a hit from a lack of ticket and concession sales, which is why it hasn’t completely shut down the irresponsible idea of allowing fans in the stands if the sign a waiver.

Commissioner Roger Goddell needs to put a stop to this discussion, right now.

It’s highly unlikely that football, due to the very nature of the game, can be safely played now or in the near future. Despite the league’s insistence it’ll start on time, I just don’t see how this will happen as Americans are doing everything in their power to spread this deadly disease at an alarming rate. Even the NWSL had one its premier clubs withdraw from its tournament in Utah because players for Orlando irresponsibly went out to a bar and tested positive for COVID19.

With the sheer number of players and personal involved in putting in a football game, all will take is one poor decision (like going to a bar) and the disease will spread like wildfire. The contact at the line of scrimmage, the fact that players have to tackle each other just means that the league is at an incredibly high risk of transmission. To me it seems highly unlikely there will even be an NFL season; if the upcoming baseball season — which will be played without fans — gets scrubbed at any point due to infections that odds will not be in the shields favor.

Being at the forefront of the management of this disease could do a lot to repair the damage that’s been done to its reactionary image.

Let’s not sugarcoat it; the NFL is usually late to the party when it comes to an understanding of what is happening in society. The league has bungled suspensions to players who are charged with domestic violence, failed to support its mostly African-American players union when it comes to social justice issues, and routinely acts as if it is above the law.

Jas King, Niners Nation

Instead, the fact that letting fans into the stadium is being considered is down right negligent and greedy. The owners ability to make stacks of cash is not worth the lives of the fans, staff, and players that will be put at risk if the season (let alone this moronic idea) moves forward.

Fix your shit Goddell, because I’m getting tired of it.

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