Podcast: We return to talk about Rolo

It’s been a hot minute, but Victor and I are back with our first podcast in nearly a year and our first podcast recorded without a time limit in over four years. With our long absence there was a lot to discuss but unfortunately Washington State football head coach Nick Rolovich’s refusal to get a vaccine, and his dismal public relations capabilities, made the news again so we decided to chat about that first.

Below is a list of topics discussed in the podcast and the times they start. If you want to skip any particular segment then this list is for you.

  • Poison of choice: Victor and I discuss our alcoholic beverages for the evening. (1:00 – 3:17)
  • Rolo’s vaccine disaster, and how we feel about it (3:18 – 15:45)
  • USC pulls the plug on Clay Helton (15:46 – 26:25)
  • Right after firing it’s coach, USC heads to the weird and wild environment of the Palouse (26:26 – 39:00)
  • Seattle’s encouraging and dominant victory over Indy (39:01 – 46:17)
  • The Mariners hurt their playoff odds against Boston, along with general end of Podcast nonsense (46:18 – the end)

Victor and I used discord for the first time to record a podcast and it took us a while to figure out the volume issues prior to recording. Any audio issues are to firmly be blamed on discord and not at all on me messing with my sound board, yep…totally.

Fair warning: cussing is a theme throughout. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.