Podcast: the Mariners aren’t dead yet

With less than a week left in the season, the Seattle Mariners still have a shot at the Wild Card and the division. In a season where not much was expected from a young, but talented, roster, the M’s have chaos balled their way into the playoff race (while also cutting the A’s hopes into pieces).

With four remaining games against the Athletics (whom they’ve owned) and the Angels (whom they’ve also owned) everything is coming up Mariners…we hope. Below is the time stamps if you want to listen to specific segments, or skip any.

  • Poison of choice, plus a power outage in the Tri-Cities (0:00 – 3:55)
  • Young ball club is fun, wins a bunch of ball games to stay in the playoff race (3:66 – 21:15)
  • Washington State volleyball had one hell of a weekend as they beat two top-25 teams. (21:16 – 33:15)
  • Cougar football did not have a good weekend as they blew a fourth quarter lead in their second straight loss (31:16 – 43:30)
  • Is it time for the Seahawks to move on from Pete Carroll? (43:31 – 60:00)
  • Boxing makes its reappearance, plus the general ending of the podcast (60:01 – ending)

Fair warning: cussing is a theme throughout. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.

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Photo Credit: Seattle Mariners