Podcast: Jon Gruden’s bigotry cost him his job

For the first time since we were on KUGR, we’ve hit three straight recording dates! Let’s give us a round of applause. This time we got to talk about what was ultimately a depressing week in sports, particularly football with Jon Gruden’s bigotry on full display and Nick Rolovich continuing to make headlines for his stance on vaccines.

This is also probably the podcast where we talk little about Northwest sports and primarily focus on national stories. Yes, even the vaccine situation with Rolo is a national story (whether or not you want it to be). Overall a fairly depressing point of discussion.

  • Introduction and poison of choice (0:00 – 4:32)
  • Jon Gruden’s bigotry, racism, and reality (4:33 – 21:42)
  • A insane ricochet that cost the Rays game three (21:43 – 30:15)
  • The Dodgers, and general playoff talk (30:16 – 42:00)
  • Completely off topic rambling (42:01 – 45:30)
  • The vaccine situation with Rolovich and WSU (45:30 – 63:42/end)

Fair warning: cussing is a theme throughout. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.

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